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wsop free chipsNo one can deny the impact technology has had on our lives. Everything from simple calculations to biggest experiments in the history of mankind is being done through machines. Similarly, we are having the dose of entertainment through the digital word or computer controlled machines. The technology has its own advantages like you do not have to go outside to play different games. Like other games, we can play poker online through World Series of Poker (WSOP). The game is getting immense popularity due to the increasing number of users day by day.

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It is like a poker lover’s dream has come to reality because it is a lot closer to real life poker. Even though there are a few differences too, but that cool features and benefit outweigh a few lacking. A few features of the game are:

  • Tournaments which allows multiple users and multiple levels (these tournaments are named after cities).
  • Free Poker Chips on hourly basis
  • Tournaments which are organized every season
  • Tournament rings.

World Series of Poker can be downloaded and played on both Android and iOS. You do not have to put your money on it because it will be more than enjoyable without putting money.

Starting the Game

  • Go the play store from your smart phone and get the World of Poker Series (WOPS)
  • Either play as a guest or login using your Facebook account.
  • Once you have signed in the game you can be a part of exciting tournaments by entering in one of the tournaments in the center of the screen.
  • Just enter the tournament and start playing poker.

Difference between World Series of Poker and Real life Poker

Diverse range of Players

 It is probably the most exciting feature of World Series of Poker because you can be playing with a person from anywhere in the world. You can play with a person from any state or country, and you are not even leaving your seat.

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Multiple Tables

Real life poker only allows you to play at one table at a given time while World Series of Poker allows you to play at multiple tables at once. You do not have to sit back while waiting for your turn at a table; you can simply play at another table.

Faster Play

The World of Poker Series allows you to play 4 to 5 times faster than the real life poker and playing at multiple tables at once give you a speed 20 times faster.

Buttons use

World of Poker Series will let you use the buttons on your device rather than verbal bets or something like that. Once you have pressed the button, there is no going back, so you have to be a little extra careful while playing this online game.


This is another exciting feature of World Series of Poker; you have to be at a specific level for certain tournament. Your rewards are based on the level ups you gain, the significance of your betting sum and playing frequently. The rewards mostly contain free poker chips. If you are facing problems while playing poker, you do not have to worry about it just enter the tournament and start with buying a small amount of cash. This simple trick will keep the game intense and even more fun to play. It will keep you sticking to edge of your seats until you finish the tournament.


Another fascinating aspect of World Series of Poker is socialization because you get to play with people from almost every corner of the world. The game allows you to chat with the other player (which can be from any part of the world) and also provides the option of sending emoticons and congratulations messages. This feature is liked by every player of the game and keeps the game alive and fun. You can get comfortable with the other player using chat and emoticons options. This is the most exciting and entertaining feature of this game.

Tournament Rings

It is comparatively a new feature in the game. You can win a ring while playing a tournament. If you win the tournament, you are going to get a ring, and you will keep the ring forever. This ring will be displayed along with your profile and will give you a cool persona as well as impressive look to your profile. The ring is displayed whenever someone views your profile or look at your stats and records.

Interface of World Series of Poker (WSOP)

The game is easy on the eye because its interface is neither too vibrant nor too dull. You will never get bored or never get the feeling of monotony because of its easy-on-the-eye interface. You can see a meter on the bottom right corner of the screen which indicates the probability of the win from your side; it keeps on changing rapidly when cards are played on the table. The World Series of Poker’s interface gives you a feeling that you are playing poker in a real world Casino.

WSOP is a game which has many attractions for its users like new tournaments and free chips. The interaction among players using chat and emoticons is also a remarkable feature of the game. Tournament rings are also very popular among the players of this game, and these rings are the reason for the players to keep coming back. These cool features are the reason for the ever growing number of players and fans of this game.

World Series of Poker Free Chips Hack

This is the game which will keep you glued to your seat for hours because it is addictive and engaging. You are going to run out of chips soon if you keep playing the game frequently and you will have to spend your (real life) money to get the chips. However, we have the solution to your low chips problems you can use our tool to generate the free chips. You can get an unlimited supply of poker chips by using this tool. Download the tool and just enter the number of poker chips you want to finish the game and you will have the chips in your account in no time.

Have fun playing World Series of Poker and using free chips generator.

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